Guru Prasadam


Guru Prasadam is a purely vegetarian, natural blend of a special type of carom seed (ajwainee), herbs, and herbal extracts prepared whilst chanting sacred mantras. Guru Prasadam is natural, generally safe, and very effective. In terms of Ayurveda, Guru Prasadam targets three core bodily processes, as follows :

Guru Prasadam

Spiritual Awakener

He, who is awakened to Supreme consciousness, can take our mind beyond five senses to realize the truth. A True Master, from the age of ten, working incessantly for the spiritual growth of millions of people and playing many roles for them as a Spiritual leader, a Humanitarian ambassador, as well as a Peace advocate.

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Humanitarian Services

Receiving guidance from Sant Trilochan Darshan Das, thousands have felt inspired to offer selfless service to those in need. He has cleansed the impurities of the rituals and traditions, existed in the society that seeped over time, by encouraging dowry- less marriages, respect for women, education for all, care for old and destitute.

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Accessible to Everyone

The prominent Saint of highest order, yet so accessible. Thousands of people come to experience the divine glory of His unconditional compassion. People from all walks of life come to seek guidance and quench their spiritual thirst. He motivates, encourages, offers comfort and reassurance to all of them.

Meeting with His Holiness

Temple of Divinity "The Mahamandir - A Blissful Pilgrimage"

is on its way to quench the thirst of millions of human souls.
Be a privileged part of this 'Holy Construction'.